Girl Clothes

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Adorable Girls Clothing
PatPat's collection of adorable girls' clothing includes dresses paired with denim jackets and tutu skirts matched with patterned t-shirts. Mixing different patterns and colors to create stylish and cute outfits for girls is always fun.

Stylish and Cute Girl Dresses
Our collection of girls' dresses is diverse, featuring beloved skirts and innovative dresses with pockets, all brimming with creativity and fun. Whether she's attending a birthday party or embarking on daily adventures, our dresses offer various styles to showcase her unique spirit.

Cozy Girl Pajama Sets for Comfortable Nights
Our girl pajama sets provide comfort and care throughout the night. Made from our softest, most durable fabrics, these pajamas offer the same quality and charm as daytime clothing.

Everyday Comfort with Leggings and Pure Cotton Underwear
Our leggings and pure cotton underwear provide the elasticity and softness your child needs for unrestricted movement and comfort during daily adventures. They are long-lasting, maintaining their feel and fit, and are essential staples in every girl's wardrobe.

How do you measure a little girl for clothes?

1.Height: Measure from the top of their head to the floor; 2.Hips: Measure the fullest part of your child's hips by wrapping the tape measure loosely around their hip circumference; 3.Waist: Measure around your child's natural waistline; 4.Inseam: Run the tape measure along the inseam, from the crotch to the bottom of the leg.

How many clothes should a girl have?

Let's clarify: the quantity of clothes needed varies depending on individual preferences and lifestyle. A practical guideline suggests a wardrobe of between 30 to 50 clothing items for versatility. Factors such as daily activities, climate, and laundry frequency all play a role in determining this number.

How to match little girls clothes?

To ensure your child has a wardrobe with cohesive outfits, consider either purchasing complete looks or deciding to mix prints for tops and solids for bottoms consistently.