Toddler Boy Clothes

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Stylish Jeans Perfect for Toddler Boys
PatPat offers a wide variety of toddler boy clothes, and our collection of toddler boy jeans is perfect for school or family outings. With styles suitable for any occasion, choose from slim-fit jeans and bootcut jeans that offer timeless, fashionable silhouettes. Mix and match his favorite pair of jeans for a variety of looks every day!

Graphic T-shirts and Family Sets
Our range of graphic T-shirts for toddler boys is extensive, catering to his ever-changing style. From Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse to Marvel-themed T-shirts, PatPat offers a variety of styles he's sure to love. We even have matching family T-shirts, so he can coordinate his look with siblings or Mom and Dad!

The Cutest Toddler Boy Pajamas
Looking for the best pajamas for your little one? PatPat's toddler boy pajamas are just right. During the chilly months, he'll love wearing soft romper pajamas in various colors and prints that suit his preferences. Sets of multiple pajamas will also be his favorite style, making it easier for him to get ready for bedtime.


Do you size up for toddler clothes?

If your child is between sizes, we typically recommend sizing up to the next size. This ensures the clothing won't be too short, even if the current size fits well at the waist. Children grow quickly, so they'll likely grow into the next size before you know it.

How fast do toddlers grow from 2T to 3T

During the third year of life, most toddlers typically gain around 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms) and grow approximately 2 to 3 inches (5 to 8 centimeters). They are incredibly active, mobile, and learn through physical exploration.