Toddler Clothes

Cool Toddler Clothing at PatPat
Would you like to pick out the coolest toddler clothing for your little one? At PatPat, we have everything you need to dress your kids in stylish outfits year-round, designed specifically to make them stand out. Whether it's autumn/winter styles, formal wear, or back-to-school uniforms, we've got you covered.

Stylish and Fun Toddler Clothes
Our fun graphic T-shirts featuring Winnie the Pooh, Barbie dolls, and dinosaurs are perfect for casual occasions. For more formal events, choose from our comfortable sweaters and toddlers' holiday attire. Complement any look with a variety of pants like trousers, joggers, and jeans.

Complete the Look with Shoes and Accessories
Explore our wide range of shoe styles and accessories to add the perfect finishing touch to your toddler's outfit. PatPat offers a comprehensive selection to ensure your little one is stylish and comfortable for any occasion.

How many pairs of clothes should a toddler have?

Every toddler is different. One might wear same polka-dot leggings all week if you let them. Another might go through three graphic tees in an afternoon. On average, we’d say 10 outfits available per week is a good number to aim for. Ten outfits ensures they have enough options for daily wear and to accommodate for any accidents or spills. These outfits include tops, bottoms, socks, underwear and pajamas. When leaving the house for the day, pack an extra outfit or two in case of potty accidents or food spills.

Is it advisable to purchase toddler clothes in a larger size?

Buying toddler clothes a size up can be a wise decision, especially if your toddler is nearing the upper limits of their current size. This allows room for growth and ensures the clothes will remain wearable for a longer period. However, it's crucial to consider each child's individual size and fit preferences when purchasing clothing. Consulting our size chart for specific measurements related to each size category—babies, toddlers, and kids—can provide valuable guidance in making the right choice.