How are Refunds Processed?

  1. Refund amount:
    If your order doesn't include any promotions or discounts, the refund amount will be equal to the original price of the product.
    If your order includes promotions or discounts, the calculated price you paid for the item will be adjusted accordingly. If you wish to see the discounted quantity of the item, please check your order summary in your account.

  2. For security purposes, in the case of returns, the refunds will only be returned to the original form of payment, while for exchanges, the refunds will be credited to store credit.

  3. Refunds for store credit and exchanges are free of charge.
    While refunds to the original payment method and returns will incur a restocking fee: Dropping off at a Happy Returns location will incur a 15% restocking fee per item. Alternatively, if you choose to box and ship items using a prepaid label, a restocking fee of $5.99 will be charged per package.

*PatPat reserves the right to final interpretation of the above provisions.

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